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We rely on voluntary donations to fund our vital work

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Curious about our community kitchen? Well, at Truro Nourish Hub, it’s a place for everyone. We have a mix of people coming together, sharing stories, and helping each other out. Our kitchen is more than just cooking—it’s about community, breaking down barriers, and learning together over shared meals.

We provide the ingredients, bring in a great chef, and show you how to make affordable, healthy meals for you and your family. Take home a recipe card as a keepsake, so you can keep cooking these meals at home. If you can’t make it to an event, find the recipes on our website.

Join us for events that are not just about food, but about making new friends in a friendly and welcoming place. It’s not just a community kitchen; it’s a spot where friendships and tasty meals begin. Welcome to Truro Nourish Hub—where everyone is welcome!


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Helping People in Truro with Food and Poverty



Experience heartfelt connections at Truro Nourish Hub events. Skilled chefs guide you in creating affordable, wholesome meals—taste the warmth, and leave with a recipe card to bring that comforting joy home.

February 28th 2023
Truro Cathedral
February Event
February Event

Join us at our community kitchen to share and meal and learn cooking basics to recreate it at home. Dave McCormick from The Rollin Rock will be demonstrating step by step how to prepare a tasty, healthy low cost meal.

April 12th 2023
Truro Cathedral
Cookery Demonstration
Cookery Demonstration

Join us at our community kitchen to share and meal and learn cooking basics to recreate it at home. Dave McCormick from The Rollin Rock will be demonstrating how to prepare a tasty, healthy low cost meal.

May 17th 2023
Truro Cathedral
World Street Food
World Street Food

Join us and try your hand in creating some World Foods. Experience creating Pizzas, Mexican Tacos and Bao Buns. 

If you missed our events, you can still find recipes on our website

Helping the Community


Truro Nourish Hub is a new initiative set up to support our local community with a range of services and advice.

Over the last few years, our community has faced several issues that have impacted mental and physical health.

As a direct result of some of these issues, we decided to do something that will give back to our community and offer some hope.

We aim to offer a food provision which not only shares hot healthy meals but provides a safe place for people to meet and engage with their community.

Volunteers at Truro Nourish Hub

Support Us

We rely on support from volunteers to help us, so we can provide support to those in need and run our workshops. Please donate by clicking the donate button below.

Other Services We Provide

We already have some volunteers willing to provide advice, but if you feel you are able to add your skills please contact us. We are always actively looking for volunteers.


if your struggling to manage your finances, we can help

CV Building

If you need help making your CV, we have help on hand


we can assist in helping you find a job and help start your career

Our Associates

Who Are We?

We are a community interest company, coming together to offer a helping hand in some of the hardest and most isolating times the UK has experienced. Whether you are starting to feel the effects of the UK’s economic instability or have lost touch with the community because of the pandemic we aim to offer a place that can offer support and community in the heart of the City.

We have a small team of directors with a much wider team of local support who enthusiastically volunteer their time, expertise and skills.

Where to Find Us?

Moresk Centre

Probably the most important thing is having a space to host a community kitchen. They can come in all shapes and sizes: Community centres, village halls, churches and other places of worship, street corners, parks in summer, restaurants and cafés out of hours.

We have been very lucky to be able to use the Moresk Centre.

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