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A Community kitchen for everyone


In the heart of Truro, our mission at Nourish Hub is deeply personal.

We’re here to support each and every one of you. Through the Truro Community Kitchen, we share the art of cooking affordable, healthy, and delicious meals—a skill that goes beyond the kitchen. We’re dedicated to building  connections, embracing diverse cultures, and fostering a sense of belonging. As our support family expands, so does our commitment to providing more than just recipes; it’s about nurturing your growth and empowerment, the way it should be. Join us on this heartfelt journey as we build a community that’s not just about meals but about lifting each other higher.


Clinton Sealy

Clinton Sealy

Events & Project Manager

Meet Clinton, our Events Manager and Truro City Councilor. Committed to fostering community unity, Clinton’s mission is to bring people together in Truro. Passionate about aiding those in need and enhancing the cultural fabric of Truro, he is dedicated to creating a better and more inclusive community for all.

Charlotte Williams

Fundraising Manager

Meet Charlotte, our dynamic Fundraising Manager. As the director of Salt Projects Limited, she brings extensive expertise in art, heritage, and community engagement. Charlotte is dedicated to driving impactful projects that resonate with our mission

Charlotte Williams Truro

Mark Roby

Head of Legal

Meet Mark, our Head of Legal with 20+ years at Stephens Scown and a background as an in-house HR Manager. A Chartered CIPD Member since 2001, Mark also contributes as a councillor for Truro City Council, bringing a wealth of legal and civic expertise to our team

Kevin Anstis

Head Chef

Meet Kevin, a former military serviceperson turned culinary enthusiast, finding solace and joy in cooking after facing the challenges of a medical discharge and PTSD

See His Story Here

Our Chef Kevin
Liam Shoesmith from BBC Radio

Liam Shoesmith

Meet Liam, our horticulture enthusiast with a passion cultivated from childhood adventures in Truro Cathedral School’s gardens. With extensive experience from nurseries to flower shows, Liam brings a wealth of plant knowledge and a green thumb to our team

David Sünderhauf

David lives in Truro and is a Green Party member of Truro City Council. As a Microbiologist, he is passionate and outspoken about scientific outreach & public engagement, climate & social justice, and evidence-based policy making. You can find him on Twitter @davvi36.

David Green Party
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